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The Island of Dr. Tweet: Twit-wits of the world unite at CAD

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moxiebird1Like many top-secret missions, this one hit a few bumps: some recruits failed to show up, a large corporation had frozen their accounts and the press was, of course, following them closely. But for Lauri Apple and Seth Gershberg, co-founders of the live-networking experiment known as Twitter Island, such snags could not stop them from their objective: To watch strangers “tweet” at each other from within the same room.

“I have friends who live down the street who don’t call me, but will tweet or Google-chat me to tell me how lonely they are,” says Apple before the project begins. “What is driving these choices we’re making, and are we cognizant of the emotions that result from these choices? With Twitter Island, we’re telling people they don’t have a choice to talk to each other-they have to use technology.” Read the rest of this entry »